Gabrielle Union is Speaking Naturalista

by Dawn Myers on November 27, 2020
No room for an "acceptable" style

“Your hair is a part of you and it’s an extension of you, but it has to start with self-love and pride in your Blackness and Afrocentric features, whether that be your hair, your nose, your lips or your body,” Gabrielle Union said in a recent interview with People, where she addressed raising her daughters and the role she has in protecting them from developing the unfortunate complex regarding what's "acceptable" when it comes to Black hairstyles. She reflects on her journey in feeling like an outcast as a child and finding joy in her natural coils.

Union shares our vision in normalizing and catering to natural Black hairstyles and in creating a culturally-informed, main stream market in the beauty space for Black men and women. Nothing makes styling our crowns easier than AFFORDABLE products THAT WORK.

We say, ROCK those curls loud and proud (and don't forget to juice).