Tiffany Haddish, She Ready

by Dawn Myers on July 06, 2020
An all time favorite naturalista makes a statement by going "baldy-bald" to take a break from everyday struggles of textured hair upkeep.

"One day, all of y’all are going to stop worrying about what women do with their own damned hair (and reproductive systems), but apparently, that day is not today," Tiffany said in a recent interview with The Root, addressing comments pertaining to her quarantine crop and the luxuries in going short with textured hair.
The struggle is real and all too familiar to many Black women; the choice between exercising as much or as intensely as we’d like (or perhaps should) is often inhibited by our hairstyles. As Haddish pointed out, even protective styles like braids and faux locs not only become weighty but require maintenance to keep them looking “neat.”

“I don’t know about white women, but as a Black woman, that’s a good hour to two, three hours of your day,” she exclaimed. “It is a lot of work. So, I’m taking time off. I’m going to use that same energy that I would be putting my hair into my mind.”