Hydrating Vs. Moisturizing…What’s The Difference?

by Dawn Myers on November 25, 2020

Hydrators work to increase the water content of the skin and hair. These target dehydrated skin and hair (THE MOST Hyaluronic Moisture Booster).

Moisturizers are formulated to help seal moisture into the skin. These target dry skin and hair (THE MOST Super Strength Fortified Castor Oil).

If your skin or hair is dehydrated, it is lacking water. If your skin or hair is dry, it is lacking oil. BOTH are key to healthy and glowing hair and skin.

THE MOST Hyaluronic Moisture Booster helps to bring water to the hair and skin using humectants. These humectants help collect moisture in the environment and bind it to the hair, allowing our skin, scalp and curls to absorb the water. It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water! Think of it like a big drink of water.

THE MOST Super Strength Fortified Castor Oil locks in hydration and keeps the hair and skin feeling soft and smooth.

Our Moisture Booster and Super Strength Fortified Castor Oil duo is an explosion of hydration boosting, strand strengthening, scalp healing goodness. Let these wonder twins go to work from scalp to roots to tips. Every curl maven knows that the ultimate goal of wash day is to imbue your beautiful curls with as much hydration as possible and then seal it all in to keep your curls juicy throughout workouts, workdays, and where ever your dynamic life leads you.

Give those curls the juice it deserves!