Documentary Draws Attention to Black Hair Discrimination

by Dawn Myers on July 31, 2020
As a part of Queen Latifah's Queen Collective, Director Samantha Knowles created an introspective documentary, "Tangled Roots," where she follows Kentucky State Representative Attica Scott as she files a bill to fight black hair discrimination.

"I grew up being taught to be proud of myself, and that always included my hair," Knowles shared. "Attica Scott is a woman who is rewriting the rules. I gravitate towards stories that say something about my personal experience. It makes me feel like my filmmaking work allows me to have larger voice."

As Scott says, "Our hair is political. Not because Black women wanted it to be, but it's because society has deemed that it's political.

All four films from the Queen Collective’s inaugural year, as well as the premiere of this year’s films, will air as a special on BET tomorrow, Saturday, June 13, at 9PM ET, followed by an encore presentation on Sunday at 1PM ET.

View the trailer on BET.