Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephen dishes on Success

by Dawn Myers on November 27, 2020
Celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Ursula Stephen built her brand with the vision of being THE go-to person to style natural hair...and man, did she! In a recent interview with BET she reflects on climbing to the top and working with celebrities from Rihanna to Tiffany Haddish.

She shares with us her relationship with her hair, which ultimately led to becoming a stylist. She was traumatized by bad salon experiences and stylists that didn't cut her hair the way she asked. From these experiences she started doing her hair at a young age and was determined to find ways to improve upkeep and styles.

"I've always been hands on with my hair," Ursula shares. "My hair is my baby and I experiment with it! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't love it....but it always loves me back. I have a great relationship with my hair...I just wish it would grow faster!"

Yes, Queen!

Embrace your relationship with your curls!